Multispecies Perspectives in Anthropology: Methodological Innovations and Future Directions


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Wysłuchamy wykładu Anniki Huggoson z Uniwersytetu Karoliny Północnej w Chapel Hill.

Tytuł przemówienia: Multispecies Perspectives in Anthropology: Methodological Innovations and Future Directions

Abstrakt w języku angielskim:

This lecture delves into the increasingly influential realm of multispecies perspectives within cultural anthropology, underscoring the profound implications of incorporating animal studies into anthropological research. By examining diverse case studies, this presentation highlights the methodological innovations that emerge when human-animal relations are scrutinized. This approach not only expands our understanding of human societies but also challenges anthropological assumptions about agency, culture, and sociality by acknowledging the significant roles non-human species play in these domains. Through a critical analysis of various research methods tailored to capture these interspecies interactions, the lecture argues for the necessity of multispecies perspectives in crafting more holistic and inclusive anthropological narratives. The discussion aims to illustrate how multispecies methodologies not only redefine traditional anthropological boundaries but also offer essential tools for addressing pressing global challenges, positioning anthropology to make a meaningful impact on both academic and practical fronts.


Annika Hugosson is a PhD student in Cultural Anthropology at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA), with a focus on human-animal relations. She is presently in Wrocław as a Fulbright Student Researcher. She holds a master's degree in anthrozoology from Canisius College and a bachelor's degree in Hispanic Linguistics (also from UNC Chapel Hill). Her research interests encompass a broad spectrum of themes related to multispecies ethnography. Annika is also an avid dog trainer, which enriches her fieldwork and theoretical perspectives.